EMT Conference in Brussels

Mien Segers from Maastricht University talks about the war for talent, and encourages translator trainers to

  • target for relevance in the classes,
  • enhance the students’ ability to adapt to different tasks,
  • and facilitate AUTONOMOUS LEARNING!

According to the new EMT Translator Trainer Profile, the trainer should aim to acquire the following competences:

  • field competence, that is being wordly wise in the world of freelance translation and agencies,
  • instructional competence (lively, 100% useful classes),
  • interpersonal competence (trainers and translators are always part of a team),
  • organizational competence ( a well-organized course yields more learning),
  • assessment competence (when evalutaing students, make a difference between excellent and mediocre, but feedback should always go beyond a simple mark).

See the full text at: www.translator-training.eu